Unique Things About Indian Restaurants

Indian food restaurants are hard to miss: from their architectural designs to mouth watering spicy aroma that emanates from them. Indian restaurants can be found all over the world because Indian cuisine is highly regarded around the world.

For example, in USA alone there are more than 8,000 restaurants serving full-fledged Indian food dishes and employing more than 75,000 people. People suddenly realized that they could earn a lot of money with Indian food and they opened consumption joints that are purely Indian in many places outside of India.

A real Indian restaurant will have little or no cutlery served with food. Indian food is mainly eaten with bare hands and in a typical Indian dinner setting. People are not normally sitting at a table; they sit on cushions and eat together.

From East Africa to America, through Hong Kong, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Canada, Indian restaurants have proliferated and the Indian food trade has strongly stimulated the market.

The Indian cuisine is not mentioned without the curry that does not follow a precise method of preparation, but each restaurant has its own method of preparing this popular dish.

Usually it is a mixture of different vegetables and herbs fried in oil while adding spices. They are marinated in yogurt before cooking and can be served with poultry, lamb or starchy foods such as rice.