Seven Things You Should Never Do In Hotels

 There is certain etiquette to follow in society. Whether you are in your own neighborhood or in your local supermarket, you must be able to show and act with the proper manners. Not only will this please other people, but you will also realize that treating others kindly will be somehow reciprocated today. In restaurants and other public places for instance, there are some golden rules, hidden or not, that we must always keep in mind. To characterize those rules, here are seven things you should never do in hotels, especially in hotels in Bisbee AZ.

Never yell or raise your voice at the hotel staff. Even when they are slightly delayed with your booking or taking some time to place your things in your room, talk to them in a civil manner. It is okay to relay to them your concern and to let them know that you are not pleased with their performance. However, you should be professional to avoid further conflict.

Do not enter rooms or places that are only for hotel personnel. This could mean storage rooms, administrative offices, and kitchens, among others. These are all private territories. You must respect these areas because customers are prohibited there. When you want to learn something about these, then ask someone or perhaps give the hotel staff a heads up that you prefer to have a quick tour.

As much as you wish to take your adorable pets with you in your vacation, some hotels are not allowed to do that. Look for hotels that give consent to your little furry friends to enter the place. They are also considerate some other guests not quite fond of them. Also, it may cause disturbances to neighbors and some occupants. Learn to be respectful.

Do not leave your jewelry pieces lying around your suite. There is a special safe for each room where you can place your valuables. You should be cautious of your own things, because they will not be held responsible for your lost items. Room service or housekeeping go in and out of your room, thus it is always good to place them in safe places only you can have access to.

Never steal bathrobes, towels, blankets, or basically anything that is property of the hotel. You may be charged with theft or something else if you fail to follow this. You can only borrow these things. To stay out of trouble, keep in mind that the things you own are those you brought to your suite. The stuff that are in the room already are not yours.

Be careful about the furniture and other paraphernalia around you. The last thing you wish to happen is to break something and lie about it. Not only do you have to pay for it, you also have lost the trust of the personnel. As much as possible, stay cautious. When bringing kids, keep them away from fragile things to avoid damage.

Do not expose your room number to others. Never broadcast this to every person you meet. This is for safety and privacy measures. You want to avoid random people knocking on your door. Always remember that you are surrounded by strangers, and that there is no guarantee that they are the safest ones. Be careful.

Above all else, be kind. Smile at the staff who are ready to serve you. Make friends with the person next to you at the poolside. Wherever you may go, you must carry kindness, because this is what people will remember about you even when you go home. Also, you get to brighten the day of people by just this simple gesture.