Discover Effectiveness Of Mona Lisa Touch

 There are many treatments around the world. Every day, researchers are developing new methods to help mankind. With the help of new technologies, many things have been created and developed. Hospitals and health centers are applying these new methods to help their patients undergo the whole process. When it concerns with mona lisa touch in Los Angeles, individuals who have vulvar and vulva atrophy can find relief when undergoing the procedure.

Atrophy is the condition where the walls of a vulva and the vulva becomes dryer and thinner because of estrogen has already been decreased. This condition has affected at least forty percent of women especially after menopause. This will cause vulva dryness, painful intimate, decrease urinary track health and burning which will result into infection.

Over the years, the usual methods are just traditional therapies for people who atrophy. These therapies include administering hormones like estrogen, oral medications and different varieties of lubricants band moisturizers. However, women who are breast cancer survivors cannot be administered with the hormones because it will not have an effect. Mona Lisas touch is the new non hormonal treatment that has been rated as a successful procedure.

This treatment is invasive and can improve the health on the interlining and vulva mucosa of a vulva. A designed CO2 laser will be used to treat the atrophic or sensitive and thin vulva wall. The laser will penetrate deeply on the layers of the wall and it will stimulate collagen and returns the tissues back before the time it reaches the condition.

The success s rate of this particular treatment is high. Many patients who claims to have suffered the condition was satisfied with the results after the therapy. There is a huge significant improvement on the symptoms after the procedure has been completed the first time. Many health care facilities and centers have supported the claims of these patients.

This treatment is relatively new to the health industry and not many countries have performed this type of procedure. It is important to gather as much information first before deciding if you want to partake the therapy or not. Knowing a lot of details will help you prepare during the time when you choose a doctor.

Even though many health care centers and facilities have adapted this therapy and administer it to their patients, not all of them are created equal. It is vital to choose only a facility that has a good reputation in providing this particular therapy. Look for a highly reputable healthcare provider and visit them for a consultation.

The treatment is not painful. There is no need for patients to undergo anesthesia before or after the procedure. The process is done in just a normal fashion where a probe will be inserted to the vulva with no discomfort at all. The process will only take at least five minutes and there is no pain medicine required after the procedures.

Technology has taken a huge leap especially in healthcare industries. New medications, treatments and therapies are developed almost every day. With new technologies on the rise, it has been possible to develop a treatment plan for any type of condition or illness.